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Music for a Green Planet

Rock-a-Bye Rainforest (Rock-a-Bye Baby)
Music arrangements and lyrics by
Margo Schepart & Hayes Greenfield
© 2007

Rock a bye baby peaceful in sleep
Trees clean our air so we can breathe deep
Rock in your cradle with nothing to fear
Rain forests balance earth’s atmosphere

High in the branches of rainforest trees
Sleep baby iguanas and small chimpanzees
When acres of forests are cut down each day
Where can these animals eat sleep and play?

Under the branches of rainforest trees
Grow plants and flowers that can cure maladies
But acres of forest are cut down each day
So we can make paper that we throw away

If we want the wood from rain forest trees
We can’t just go take what ever we please
We must be careful so trees can grow back
And rain forest animals won’t have to pack

Deep in the universe spinning around
You’ll find a good planet that’s blue green and brown
Earth’s like a mother with so much to give
We must protect her

We must protect her

We must protect her

Cause she’s where we live


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