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Mother Eath News May 8, 2009:
"Our guest on this edition has created a unique organization that embodies his own artistry, creativity, and unique gifts and abilities to communicate and inspire children and adults to get in touch with their own creativity."
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by David Wolf -
Small Biz America

Mother Eath News January 14, 2009:
"This is an awesome CD that is a joy to listen to and a great teaching tool for young and old."
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The Opinionated Parent

Mother Eath News August/September 2008:
"Looking for fun,"green" childrens' music? This Green Planet is the album to buy."
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by Will Kahn -
Mother Earth News

Live Green substainlane March 10, 2008:
"This CD is exactly the kind of music I would put on the radio for my kids if I had any. Hayes Greenfield essentially took old classics like "she's coming 'round the mountain", set them to some great jazz riffs, and altered the words slightly so that all the songs have a great sustainable message."
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music review by Adam W -


common sense media April 3, 2008:
"Parents need to know that this album is full of joyful and witty jazz tunes that celebrate the environment and every human being's part in saving it. Each song is a play on a classic children's song and has been given new lyrics and a jazzy update."
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music review by Amy Weaver Dorning -

Common Sense

Los Angeles Times April 30, 2008:
"Music for a Green Planet": Whoa, le jazz hot -- and very cool."
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by Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer -

Los Angeles Times

New York Post June 7, 2008:
"If you're sick of pseudo-jazz meanderings but don't want your kid's mind to be blown by Miles and Coltrane just yet, you can't go wrong with "Music for a Green Planet."
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by Charlie Heller, Kid Critic-
New York Post

trianglemom2mom July 29, 2008:
"I am constantly on a quest for children's music that doesn't make adults flinch. Hayes Greenfield's "Music for a Green Planet" with its sophisticated jazz riffs and tinkly percussion, its trumpets, tubas and Custom Z alto sax, qualifies."
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by Bonnie Rochman -
Triangle Mom 2 Mom

Eco Child's Play April 23, 2008:
"I have probably listened to this cd a dozen times in one day, as my children absolutely adore it, and I do too."
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music review by Jennifer Lance -

Eco Child's Play

lime.com April 15, 2008:
"And these are particularly great for Earth Day: Hayes Greenfield’s Music for a Green Planet is some awesome, hot and cool, swinging, rapping true-to-the-soul jazz that has some very sweet, heartfelt lyrics perfect for an Earth Day groove."
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by Belinda Miller -


Boutique                             Café April 21, 2008:
"I may be on my way to appreciating jazz after listening to Music for a Green Planet... I celebrated right along with Greenfield and the other top singers on this sophisticated yet fun mix of “green” songs."
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music review by Emily -

Boutique Café

Thingamababy April 21, 2008:
"Music for a Green Planet has potential for early childhood schoolrooms (not yet sullied by pop music), and also among kids familiar with these nursery rhymes... I can think of no better music than Green Planet to set the mood and spur discussion as my kids grow older... Green Planet is refreshing because it focuses on positive aspects of challenges facing the world."
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music review by -


Thingamababy April 22, 2008:
"We loved it. The lyrics are catchy, meaningful, and discussion worthy (what's a hybrid, Mom?). Music for a Green Planet creates a wonderful introduction to living Earth-healthy and inspires the children, as well as their families."
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music review by Julie -

Mommies with Style

out with the kids May 6, 2008:
"Music for a Green Planet. It's destined to be the soundtrack for a young green America."
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by Jeff-

Out with the Kids

all about jazz May 5, 2008:
"Greenfield's combination of great jazz with creative lyrics makes his green project a winner."
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by Jim Santella-

All About Jazz

LoHud.com June 22, 2008:
"Listening to jazz musician Hayes Greenfield perform his signature blend of classic children's tunes with environmentally updated lyrics... embodied the essence of the experience of attending the Clearwater Festival Great Hudson River Revival yesterday."
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by Julie Moran Alterio -
The Journal News

North Jersey.com The Record Online Edition May 16, 2008:
"Hayes Greenfield's a jazzman with an eco-mindset"
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by Jennifer V. Hughes -
The Record North Jersey

New York The Magazine May 2008:
"Jazz musician Hayes Greenfield performs tunes from his delightful new collection, Music for a Green Planet. The groove is excellent, the lyrics serious yet silly."
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- New York Magazine


Media Mentions

‘"I love your tunes and your environmental message."


"Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz’ entertainer extraordinaire Hayes Greenfield pays homage to the planet with his new release, Music for a Green Planet. Adults and children alike will sway to Alouette in Green, Brahms Green Lullaby, This Green Man and other songs crafted to instill responsibility across the generations."
~ beautynewsnyc.com

“Genius! It makes jazz a tangible entity, not just something you sit and listen to ... recreates children's standards as messages of ecology and conservation.”
~ kidsmusicthatrocks.blogspot.com/

“Some awesome, hot and cool, swinging, rapping true-to-the-soul jazz that has some very sweet, heartfelt lyrics perfect for an Earth Day groove.” ~Lime.com

“One of the finest examples of kid's entertainment I've ever seen...a collection of environmentally inspired jazz tunes that is quite good and clever. ~Outwiththekids.blogspot.com

“This CD is exactly the kind of music I would put on the radio for my kids if I had any.” ~Sustainlane.com

“Sophisticated, lush jazz productions; deep eco-message lyrics: This truly outstanding collection provides a sampling of jazz styles, from Dixieland to bossa nova to cool jazz.” ~Parentmap magazine

“Full of joyful and witty tunes that celebrate the environment.” ~iVillage.com and Commonsensemedia.org

“Features inventive arrangements of tunes like “Hush, Little Baby” and “This Little Light of Mine.” ~Time Out New York

“It brings green-minded parents and their children a compilation of jazzy tunes full of positive messages about living green. The music is sure to inspire little ones to love the Earth, while parents will appreciate the (non-annoying!) adaptation of well-known children’s melodies.” ~Greenmomfinds.com

“The lyrics are catchy, meaningful and discussion worthy (what's a hybrid, Mom?). Music for a Green Planet creates a wonderful introduction to living Earth-healthy while inspiring children and their families.” ~ Mommies with Style

“A new collection of jazz-infused Green tunes, just in time for Earth Day.” ~Baltimore’s Child

“Applies jazz style music to familiar children’s songs with earth friendly lyrics." ~AlphaMom

“Original tracks that explore the myriad ways everyone can work together to save our Earth.” ~Staten Island Advance “Kids in the City”


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